University of Pittsburgh

Dr. Fabio was invited to speak at the “Health Across the Lifespan- Allegheny County 2012” conference.

Jan 9, 2013

Dr. Fabio spoke at the Health Across the Lifespan Conference sponsored by the Graduate School of Public Health, the Allegheny County Health Department, and the Pennsylvania State Health Department. The program focused on current efforts and needs for reducing premature mortality and morbidity in Allegheny County. Public health leaders addressed risk factors, identified current sources of data, and highlighted successful programs for every life stage.

Dr. Fabio pointed out that unintentional injury is the 2nd leading cause of death for 15-19 year olds and 1st for 20-24 year olds. He also showed that homicide is the leading cause of death for those 15-19 and second for those 20-24, and suicide is the third leading cause of death for both age groups. Almost 40% of suicides and more than 90% of homicides are due to guns. Dr. Fabio concluded that a priority for the county was to develop a county-wide injury surveillance system involving public heath, academic, government and community leaders.